About The Players Academy


Classic Extensions

They are synthetic eyelash filaments extracted from silk to achieve a very natural effect. An extension of the length and curvature you want is placed on each natural eyelash without affecting your natural eyelashes. They can last up to 8 months if you have all the indicated care and do the touch-ups every 15 days.


3D extensions

On each natural eyelash, 3 strands of synthetic eyelashes extracted from silk are placed to achieve a 3D effect, more abundant than classic extensions. You must make touch-ups every 15 days.


Black Velvet Extensions

This volume technique allows not only to recover the usual volume of the eyelashes, which can sometimes look worn, but also makes it possible to double and even triple their volume, causing an impressive result. This technique is special for clients who prefer fuller lashes.


lash lifting

We are certified with Sugar Lash Pro Academy of Canada. This treatment waves your lashes naturally. The process is done with a waving mold, a special gel is applied to fix them, and at the end we apply a dye designed for eyelashes to make them look blacker and more defined. It can last up to 2 months with the indicated care.


flat lashes

Longer lasting eyelash extensions due to increased holding surface. The frame line and smoother texture of this flat lash extension design due to its split tip