Perfect eyebrows



We are certified by the most prestigious international academy - PhiAcademy de Branco Babiç - This technique aims to beautify, correct and balance asymmetrical areas semi-permanently, enhancing the natural features of your eyebrows.


Shading with Henna

Henna are natural pigments ideal for shading eyebrows for up to 10 days. 



This technique is used to achieve a shaded and more intense effect to complement the work of microblading. Pigments have been formulated to match the original color of clients' brows.

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Eyebrow Lamination

It is a semi-permanent treatment that is applied to your eyebrows and achieves a "combed" effect, smoothing the most rebellious hair and fixing the desired shape.


Eyebrow design

Threading is the most exact technique for plucking and styling your eyebrows without affecting your eyelids over time and without mistreating your skin.